Tournament Rules & Information
The tournament will be governed by  Official MLB Rules with the some exceptions for the 8u and 9u Divisions.  **All teams must bring birth certificates – They will only be checked upon request by Tournament Staff. Penalty – If player is not of age and birth certificate cannot be produced, he will be unable to play the remainder of the tournament and that game will be forfeited. Tournament Officials may also remove that team from the tournament at their discretion. Age Divisions will be determined by your age on April 30, 2022, and or Grade in School (report card must be on hand if playing within in-grade exemption). Player eligibility – No player may play with more than one team during the tournament. To be eligible for championship game a player must play in at least 2 pool games; any other situation must be approved by Tournament Officials

8 & 9U Division

Tournament Format and Seeding for D1 and D2 Championship Games Each team will play 2 pool play games on Friday and 2 pool play games on Saturday. Based on “Tie Breaker Rules for Advancement and Seedings” the #1 and #2 seeded teams will play in the D1 Championship Games the #3 and #4 seeded teams will play in the D2 Championship Games *Tournament format subject to change based on # of teams signed up for each age group* Exceptions from MLB Rules: ●       No Lead Offs, No Dropped 3rd strike rule will be in effect ●       8 runs per half inning: After 8 runs score, teams exchange offense and defense. All runs which score on the play of the 8th run, are recorded. Last inning, due to time or being the 6th inning will still be played even if the trailing team is too far behind to catch up. 8 runs per inning rule will apply in last inning, not unlimited runs. Mercy run rule still applies. ●       Balk Rules; 1st offense = warning, 2nd offense = balk rule in effect

10U – 14U Division

Tournament Format and Seeding for D1 and D2 Championship Games Each team will play 2 pool play games on Friday and 2 pool play games on Saturday. Based on “Tie Breaker Rules for Advancement and Seedings” the #1 and #2 seeded teams will play in the D1 Championship Games the #3 and #4 seeded teams will play in the D2 Championship Games *Tournament format subject to change based on # of teams signed up for each age group*


1) Best Record (Wins count as 2 points, ties are 1 point, and losses are 0 points). If there is a tie between teams for best record (total points scored), then the next tie        breakers are used until a winner is determined.  2) Head to Head (tied teams) Does not apply if all tied teams have not played each other or have at least one win and one loss against all other tied teams. Exception: One   team has beaten or lost to ALL tied teams. Head to head will apply to that team only. The remaining tied teams will continue to the next tie breaker.  3) Plus/Minus Run Differential to a maximum of (+ or – 7) runs per game.  4) Fewest runs allowed to All Opponents.  5) Coin Flip


  • Home team will be determined by coin flip in pool play games. Highest seed will be given the option to be home or away for playoff and Championship games.
  • All Games in Divisions 13u and 14u will be 7 innings or no new inning after 1 hour and 40 minutes. 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u and 12u Divisions will be 6 innings or no new inning after 1 hour and 40 minutes. In the event time has expired and the game is tied, the game will end in a tie (*except for championship games). No tie breaker innings will be played. If time is not expired use the International Tie Breaker rule to break the tie. 2 Hour time limit for all Championship games , No new inning after 2 hours.  
  • 9 run rule after 5 innings. 12 run rule after 4 innings. 15 run rule after 3 innings, 20 run rule after 2 innings
  • 4 innings or 1 Hour constitutes a complete game when delayed or called because of inclement weather.
  • Teams may start and finish games with eight (8) uniformed and rostered players. If a team has to play with eight (8) players, the ninth spot in the batting order is an automatic out. If a ninth uniformed and rostered player arrives, that player may be inserted into the ninth spot in the batting order and the automatic out shall stop. If a team has seven (7) or less uniformed and roster players to start a game, or at any point during the game, the game shall be declared a forfeit. The forfeit score shall be 7-0 for tiebreaker purposes.
  • Batting Order Re-entry Rule: Starters may only re-enter one time and in the same spot in the batting order.
  • Batting Order: There is no limit to the number of players you have in the batting lineup. A team must bat a minimum of 9 players; unless a team is only able to play 8 players (as stated in rule set above)
  • Unlimited Defensive substitutions. Your defensive lineup is non-related to your batting order. A player may play defensively even if they are not in the batting lineup.
  • No Restrictions on Cleats, with the following exception; Pitchers are not allowed to wear metal cleats on the portable mounds, rubber cleats or turf shoes are required.
  • 9u-13u; Bats must be 1.15 BFP Stamped USSSA or USA Stamped
  • 14U; Only BBCOR Bats will be allowed 
  • Speed-up rule/courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time. The courtesy runner will be someone not currently in the game or if the team has no players on the bench, the last batted out. A courtesy runner may only run one time per inning; substitute player can only run for pitcher position or catcher position, not both.
  • The official score will be the umpire card. Make sure the score is correct every 1/2 inning. Once the card is turned in its official. 
  • Protests will not be allowed on judgment calls. Protests must be handled at the time of protest – Umpire can confer with Tournament Field Director for help on ruling.
  • We will enforce an avoid contact or must slide rule at all bases. Malicious contact-runner will be ejected. It is the discretion of the umpire if the runner is trying to avoid contact or a collision. This is a judgment call by Umpire. Not open to discussion or protest – Umpire Judgement.
  • A must slide rule will be in effect when an infielder is attempting to turn a double-play at any base. If the runner is not close enough to merit a slide, he must peel away from the baseline. The runner will be called out only if by his not sliding or peeling away affects the defensive play. Runner may also be called out or ejected for a malicious slide into any base. This a judgement call by Umpire. 
  • No defensive huddles prior to your team taking the field in between innings.
  • Only two coaches outside of dugout during games (does not include base coaches).
  • Please have a Catcher available to warm up your Pitcher between innings when your Catcher is not ready to help keep games on time. 
  • Pitchers – Maximum of 6 warm-up pitches between innings.
  • No infield before games. Get teams in the dugout and have your teams ready to play before game time.
  • Live Balk Rule – if a pitcher balks and throws the ball the offensive team makes the choice to determine the outcome of the play.
  • With runners on 1st and 3rd, pitcher will not be allowed to fake a throw to 3rd base. (balk)
  • End of game – Remove garbage from dugout and clear dugout in a timely manner. Hold post game discussions outside of the field.
  • Show respect to the umpires, your players, your opponents, and most of all to this great game.
  • Any excessive unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches, or fans may result in removal from game, possible forfeiture of game plus possible ban from future tournaments. 
  • The batting team is responsible for foul balls – there is not an unlimited supply of balls.  Teams keeping an excessive amount of HR balls must put new balls into play. 
  • Have a FUN Tournament!!!
  • Coaches – you are responsible for your Fans conduct

Pitching Rules

1. If a pitcher pitches more than 4 innings in one calendar day, a 36-Hour rest period will apply. (1 pitch delivered in an inning constitutes an inning pitched) 2. Maximum Innings in One Calendar Day = 7 innings (Note: This is a “per day” rule not a “per game” rule) 3. Maximum Innings for Tournament (including championship day) = 9 innings 4. No pitcher may return to pitching position after being removed from pitching position. 5. Each team will be responsible for signing game card after the game. It can be signed by the opposing manager, umpire, or the official scorer of the game. This is our only way of tracking pitching.  6. If a coach has a question about the opposing team’s pitching log, he may bring it to the attention of the tournament field director. A coach may not request the pitching affidavit from the opposing coach.  7. If the tournament field director determines that the pitcher in question is ineligible to pitch, the pitcher will be removed from the mound at the time of discovery. This is not a retroactive rule – The pitcher will be removed after discovery.

Age Divisions

Age Cutoff Date: May 1, 2024 ●    8u – Must be 8 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 2nd Grade  ●    9u – Must be 9 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 3rd Grade ●     10u – Must be 10 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 4th Grade ●       11u – Must be 11 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 5th Grade ●       12u – Must be 12 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 6th Grade ●       13u – Must be 13 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 7th Grade ●       14u – Must be 14 or younger on April 30, 2024 – 8th Grade

Field Dimensions

·    8u & 9u – 46’ pitching & 60’ bases ·       10u – 46’ pitching & 65’ bases ·       11u & 12u – 50’ pitching – 70’ bases ·        13u – 54’ pitching & 80’ bases ·       14u – 60′ pitching & 90′ bases